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Leica TS09 plus Total Station

Leica TS09 plus Total Station

Leica TS09 plus Total Station

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: LEICA
Model Number: TS09 plus

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 0
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 3-5day
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Supply Ability: 100/per month
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Detailed Product Description


TS09plus has a more abundant airborne application program and Chinese localization program, which can meet the needs of various measurement work, solve the problem of measurement, improve the work efficiency.


Industry application

Channel measurement

River, river center line control survey, excavation and measurement of river section measurement channel measurement. Leica TS 09 L U S P with a laser on the double trigger keys and touch screen, etc., in the channel measurement and quick set up station measurement, easy to complete the measurement.

Metro measurement

Measurement of subway, Leica TS09plus with guiding light, laser refers to, can help us in the dark environment measurement lofting faster; TS09plus is configured with the new alphanumeric button panel lighting, touch screen function to ensure our in Metro survey work, every step of the operation can be quickly and accurately.

Hydropower Station Project

TS09plus continuation of the Leica instruments with high stability, Pishi durable, to ensure the measuring accuracy in the harsh environment and hydropower station construction control survey, positioning equipment. In addition to the prism measurement function can be used to check the accuracy of some of the less easy to reach.

Power transmission project

Transmission line with line trend, changing environment, often need to travel long distances, mountains, TS09plus rugged stable, durable, is measuring tool for power transmission and transformation project. In addition to the use of domestic users of the use of a custom power expert measurement software, you can help power transmission and power engineering to quickly and efficiently complete the measurement work.

Mine Surveying

No prism measurement, triggering key, etc., so that the mining area measurement, roadway measurement and orientation of the roadway and other work, the efficiency is greatly improved. Another TS09plus touch screens, alphanumeric key lighting function, let well wad dark environment operation still "piercing eyes", the key is more accurate.

Highway Engineering

T09plus high precision design can be full of highway engineering control point layout, to help the highway industry to complete control point measurement work. TS09plus for road survey design the road lofting software and reference line and the building line software, let line project measurement work get twice the result with half the effort.

Bridge Engineering

Bridge survey work includes the control point measurement, bridge axis determination, bridge pier positioning etc.. TS09plus non prism measurement, visible indication of the laser can help us to improve the efficiency of bridge engineering measurement; reference line, the axis of the building and suspended high measurement will be greatly reduced our measurement workload.

Heavy industry manufacturing

Total station instrument in the heavy manufacturing industry mode check blocks to assemble, axis location and inspection equipment and other work is more and more widely adopted. TS09plus non prism measurement, a variety of lofting, laser light indicator functions will help heavy manufacturing industry more easily and efficiently complete the work.


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