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PENTAX R-422NM Total station

PENTAX R-422NM Total station

    • PENTAX R-422NM Total station
    • PENTAX R-422NM Total station
  • PENTAX R-422NM Total station

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    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: PENTAX
    Model Number: R-422NM

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    Detailed Product Description


    Pentax total station instrument types: Pentax optical system for R-422NM total station: Super multi coated lens, ensure the clear and precise sighting simple, powerful free prism measurement function: in addition to having a prism, a reflector plate measurement mode, also has a reflectorless 300 meters.


    PENTAX optical system: Super multi coated lens, to ensure clear and accurate sighting
    L operation is simple, powerful, free of prism measurement function: in addition to a prism, reflective film measurement mode, but also with a non prism ranging 550 meters
    L SD card slot: real mass storage. Can be convenient and quick to backup data to the SD card, to further ensure the security of data storage
    L digital input keyboard: quick input number, letter and other special characters
    L temperature and gas pressure automatic induction: automatic sensing of the outside temperature and air pressure, and automatic correction to improve the accuracy of measurement
    L visible laser indicator: the sighting the target faster and easier, but also convenient to work in the tunnel, the night of the weak light environment
    L laser: can adjust the laser intensity, so that the instrument is more convenient to set up
    L three focusing system: according to the requirements, in the auto focus, electric focusing, manual focus of the three modes of free choice
    L absolute encoding disc: starting point without the need to initialize, restart the angle to remain unchanged
    L standard battery: standard cell design with high performance, convenient
    L massive memory: memory can store 60000 measurement points (XYZ), the user can effectively complete any measurement and detection operations
    Built in powerful PowerTopolite software, and load the road software module
    On the basis of adhering to the Pentax total station instrument has powerful function and stable performance advantages, taking into account the user's convenience, practicality, R-400 more rich the software function:
    1, increase road software
    According to the coordinate parameters, generating and editing in the road side Pile Lofting line construction, convenient.
    2, the post viewpoint deviation display increases ranging function, and compared with the design value
    Always check the site accuracy, convenient field operation.
    3, VPM display horizontal distance
    Virtual surface survey shows the angle distance, convenient special user requirements
    4, point to line height deviation
    In the point to the line into the elevation control, more feature rich.
    5, the direction and distance measurement display
    Setting out increased in the graphical interface numerical display, intuitive and a measure to follow. After the formation of lofting lofting lofting deviation report, stick out a mile.
    6, wire report function
    Generate wire file
    7, named fuzzy query
    To facilitate users to quickly search, such as A*, A1/A2/ and AB.. Can be found...
    8, other files from the source
    To provide the point of different documents between the call, very practical.
    9, instrument high measurement
    In the case of the instrument is not easy, you do not need to measure the instrument is high, through the observation point can be reversed to calculate the high.
    10, the establishment of the site with the least square method
    The free site using least squares algorithm, effectively reduce the influence of small angle of precision or Arcturus station
    Figure image
    Just as
    Amplification factor
    Decomposition rate
    3 seconds
    Optical circle
    45mm (EDM aperture 45mm)
    Visual field
    1 degrees 30 '(2.6%)
    Shortest focal length
    1 m
    Cross filament lighting
    Brightness setting: 10 order
    Auto focus / focus
    Have (and manual)
    No (manual)
    Have (and manual)
    No (manual)
    Focusing method
    Phase difference
    Electric source
    Host cell
    Visible laser
    EDM (laser ranging)
    Laser grade
    Visible laser: II grade (2) /IIIa (3R) - free prism long distance mode (only "NX" mode)
    Range of ranging (good condition)
    Free prism
    550m (POWER), 450M (general)
    Reflective patch
    1.5 600m m- (800m)
    Mini prism
    1.5 m-2000m (2500m) (40km)
    Single prism
    5000m (6000m) (40km)
    6000m (9999m) (40km)
    2 "/5"
    (x D 2+2ppm) mm
    (x D 3+2ppm) mm (1.5 ~ 10m) (good condition)
    Reflective patch
    Free prism
    (3 + X D 2ppm) mm
    Minimum reading
    Measurement time
    Repeated measures
    Normal: prism, reflection patch 2 seconds (1mm) normal: prism, reflective patch 1.2 seconds (1mm)
    Prism, reflective patch 0.4 sec (1cm) * fast mode
    Initial measurement
    Normal: prism, reflection patch 2.3 seconds (1mm) normal: prism, reflective patch 2.5 seconds (1mm)
    (only "NX" type) * fast mode
    Target selection
    Free prism mode
    0 additive
    Reflective film mode
    0 additive -99 - /+99 constant
    Prism mode
    0 constant -30 + /+99 + -99 constant
    Angle measurement
    Absolute rotary encoding
    Horizontal: double sided / vertical: double sided
    2 "
    5 "
    Minimum reading
    1 "/5"
    Compensation method
    Three axis
    Display panel / keyboard
    Display type
    , LCD LCD display / 20 character 8 line X /240 96 pixels
    Panel number
    Single sided (second sided)
    Key disk
    22 key
    Display background light
    Brightness setting: 10 order
    Date clock
    Physical properties
    Brake screw
    2 speed
    1 speed
    Long bubble
    30 / 1
    Round bubble
    8 '/2mm
    Visible laser (band adjustment system)
    1 mm (instrument height 1.5m)
    Brightness adjustment
    10 order
    Base seat
    Tripod base
    Working temperature
    -20 ~ +50 / -4 ~ F ~ +122 ~ F
    Waterproof performance
    Three foot spiral type
    5/8 x 11
    Instrument size
    172 (W) x 343 (H) x 177 (L) mm
    Instrument weight
    5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs
    Instrument box size
    268 (W) x 442 (H) x 465 (L) mm
    Instrument box weight
    3.8 kg / 8 lbs
    Communication interface
    RS-232C; USB; SD card slot
    Electric pool
    Ni-MH rechargeable battery DC7.5V (BP02C), according to the standards of different countries.
    Input voltage AC 100 - 240V (AC01) output voltage DC7.5V (STD-C03)
    Instrument memory
    Memory size
    60000 points
    50000 points
    Software function
    Topolite Power software


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