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Pentax R-200 Series Total STATION

Pentax R-200 Series Total STATION

Pentax R-200 Series Total STATION

Product Details:

Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: PENTAX
Model Number: R-200

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 0
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 3-5day
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Supply Ability: 100/per month
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Detailed Product Description

product introdution:

In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, the popularity of the use of total station instrument, Pentax launched solid and reliable, high performance, more convenient, affordable new generation r-200 series total station instrument. Is now the only universal price, free of the prism, the entire Chinese import brand total.

Performance Features:

LPENTAX optical system: Super multi coated lens, to ensure clear and accurate sighting

L FREE prism measurement: in addition to a prism, reflective film measurement mode, but also a non prism ranging 270 meters

L digital input keyboard: quick input number, letter and other special characters

L instructions: make visible laser sighting the target faster and easier, convenient, the night light in the tunnel

L work in weak environment

L laser: can adjust the laser intensity, so that the instrument is more convenient to set up

L absolute encoding disc: boot without the need to initialize, restart angle to remain unchanged

L standard battery: standard cell design with high performance, convenient

L large capacity memory: memory can store 20000 measurement points (XYZ), the user can be effective

L complete any measurement and inspection operations

L built in powerful PowerTopolite software

Function introduction

Absolute encoder

Encoding is more convenient to operate with absolute

Because of its absolute code disc, in the boot and no need to rotate instruments ranging and verticality disc and disc initialization. In the operation even if the accident shutdown, turn on the observation, it is no longer necessary to find a reference direction.

Big screen and keyboard

Large format display graphics and text is very easy to operate

Enter the machine equipped with the input angle, coordinate value, number, height, code and other necessary. Especially for the input of the letter of the name is more convenient.

A large capacity memory

There are 20000 measurement points (XYZ), which can be used to handle any measurement and inspection tasks effectively. Each measurement item (job) can be recorded at 2000 points (XYZ). Users can build up to 20 project files.

Laser pairs

Because of the laser on the spot is visible, and has ten degrees of adjustment, the operation is very simple. Launch vertically down the laser, it is easy to carry out the work.

In the purchase of the instrument, it can be required to change to an optional optical pair of medium.

New sighting device

Cross type sighting device model

In order to quickly and accurately find the target, the sighting device design model (coarse pointing mode).

Laser pointing function

Red laser indicator convenient sighting the target due to visible red laser, and can be used for indoor or outdoor (cloudy) places in the observation direction, which is very convenient.

Random built-in powerful PowerTopoLite software

R-200 series total station is equipped with full-featured PowerTopolite software, can be installed with a computer, and can be upgraded. To assist the user to complete the difficult task.

PowerTopolite software interface friendly, easy to use. PowerTopolite software is powerful to provide customers with an open mode of operation to address various measurement tasks.

Reliable data exchange tool - DL-01

Information exchange through standard RS-232C data interface. DL-01 software can be used to upload and download data between PENTAX and PC. DL-01 can also be a direct data exchange with other software. It can be run in Windows 95, 982000 and XP, NT environment. Data can be converted to the following format: Pythagoras file, DXF, JS-Info, TDS, SDR, ASCII separated TAB file, -1Z DC, the user can define the format and various other formats.

Multiple ranging type

A measuring target. (range measurement, please refer to the table of characteristic parameters) near the corners of the structure due to the ray is visible laser for fence gaps can be accurately measured, ranging speed also very fast.

Moreover, previous prism ranging is effective. (by invitation in building reflection patch)

IP54 grade waterproof and waterproof performance

Reliable IP54 level dust proof waterproof performance

With 5 levels of dust, waterproof performance, effectively prevent the accumulation of harmful dust, can eliminate the damage to the liquid by any direction of the damage to the shell.

Standardized battery

Provide the best cost-effective battery design, standardized camera battery, free of special batteries to configure the high cost of trouble.




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