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Tianbao DiNi series electronic level

Tianbao DiNi series electronic level

    • Tianbao DiNi series electronic level
    • Tianbao DiNi series electronic level
  • Tianbao DiNi series electronic level

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    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: PENTAX
    Model Number: Tianbao DiNi series electronic level

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    Detailed Product Description

    Product type: electronic level

    Product number: szy003

    Special note: one of the most high precision electronic level in the world.

    DINI electronic level is one of the high precision electronic level in the world, and it is obviously superior to other electronic level. Its excellent performance, easy operation, so that the level of measurement into the digital era, greatly improving the production efficiency. Has been widely used in earthquake, mapping, power, water conservancy and other systems, in the major projects play a powerful role.

    The round-trip per kilometer accuracy level of 0.3mm, minimum 0.01mm;

    The advanced photographic reading system, visible light can be measured;

    The integrated industry hold the handle, easy to carry;

    The automatic earth curvature and atmospheric correction;

    The auto compensation 15 ', 0.2' - Anping precision;

    The annexed leveling wire automatic adjustment;

    The perfect data management system, operating system open;

    The difference can be set, the horizon observation error;

    The rapid elevation layout, single point elevation measurement;

    The standard wire automatic adjustment function;

    The battery charging only 1 hours can be used continuously for 3 days;

    The large graphical LCD display, easy operation;

    The convenient input number, name, name, line line number and code information;

    You can be set directly / inverted rule model;

    The measurement of shortcut key setting on the micro spiral side, aiming at measuring ruler, touch can be measured;

    Important features

    You can quickly obtain high precise elevation information;

    The digital reading system can reduce error and repetitive operation;

    The data transmission between the instrument and computer office convenient;

    The smallest unit of measure as long as the 30cm bar code ruler;

    The automatic process to 60% faster than the general automatic leveling instrument;

    The world's highest accuracy digital level

    Trimble Dini electronic leveling instrument family is a convenient, easy to use, accurate and efficient leveling tool, so whether you are doing the engineering measurement, structure, settlement observation, or high precision level observation network, Trimble Dini electronic leveling instrument can provide precise observations and reliable data for you. Innovative design, Trimble and friendly menu interface enables you will soon be able to master the instrument, and use it to finish the work, the high speed of 3 seconds measurement design can greatly improve the labor productivity. Dini electronic leveling instrument enables you to save 50% of the time and expense and absolutely no human error (reading error and record error, calculation error, etc.), measure and record all calculated are very rapidly. Due to the measurement of the work will have bad terrain conditions or building blocks, so that DiNi can not read the entire length. So DiNi is designed to just read a 30 cm bar code can calculate the correct results.

    DiNi electronic level learning is very simple to use, it has a clear structure of the interface friendly operation menu, digital input keys and 22 functional keys. Large and clear graphics display panel, make sure you can read data clearly in any weather conditions.

    Learning and using is very convenient

    DiNi TRIMBLE level of the smallest unit of measurement - as long as the number of a 30cm digital encoding. So you can set it up, and at the same time between the level and the ruler to measure the height of the larger changes. In addition, the space required to measure the minimum.

    * can reduce the number of stations required to about 20%, because DiNi TRIMBLE in the vegetation areas and mountains can be used to reduce the use of a ruler to set up a stand.

    * in the condition of low lighting for the standard operation, such as in the tunnel as long as a very small part of the ruler to carry out lighting can work.

    * to ensure higher accuracy by using close proximity to the surface of the refraction effect.

    * Trimble Dini large format graphics display but also similar products in the rare, and is equipped with Trimble the new keyboard, the operation is very convenient. Users will be easy to adapt to DiNi TRIMBLE.

    The quality and precision of TRIMBLE can increase the confidence of the measurement operation

    The DiNi TRIMBLE interface is also compatible with other advanced TRIMBLE controllers, which can be matched with other instruments. The quality of the optical components of the "Zeiss Carl" ensures that the DiNi TRIMBLE has a high accuracy and the best resolution. When you build up your confidence in your DiNi TRIMBLE digital level, you can get the best results and the highest level of production efficiency.

    [specification parameter]

    1km return precision 0.7mm 0.3mm

    The measuring range is 1.5 ~ 100m 1.5 ~ 100m

    The compensation accuracy + 15 '15'.

    An Ping precision + 0.2 + 0.5 ""

    Telescope magnification 32 x 26 x

    100m 2.8m 2.8m

    The shortest line of sight 0.6m 0.6m

    Night and tunnel measurements can be

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