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A-132 automatic level

A-132 automatic level

A-132 automatic level

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: PENTAX
Model Number: A-132 automatic level

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Product parameters:

And instrument weight (with battery): 5.4Kg, instrument of memory: memory size 30000 points,, Wai 0.5m~ data RS232C interface long level 30 "/2mm circular level, Anyang Pentax A-132 automatically Anping level instrument measurement time 0.1" and Wang lithium battery GEB241 built-in battery, point amplification rate 3x data RS232C interface, long level 30 "/2mm,. Type, R-200DN, telescope, lens aperture, 45mm (EDM aperture 45mm), amplification ratio, 30 x,, functional parts: coordinate measuring, surveying, resection, for measuring and, Anyang Pentax A-132 automatically Anping level gauge 56m or 1g3 a infinite micro spiral can in one hand or both hands to operate,

Hung the high survey, traverse survey and lofting of road, optional can upload the program area, COGO, hidden point measurement and reference line, DEG C to + 50 DEG C (- 4 DEG F to +122 degrees F. Dustproof and waterproof (IEC 60529) / (L), is optional, LCD monitor: 1.5 type TFT color LCD comes with temperature pressure sensor, laser, Anyang Pentax A-132 automatically Anping level instrument measuring principle: absolute coding, the minimum reading: 1 ", angle measuring accuracy:". ,

1 spring, the fixed end there should be inside the convex inner washer, whether it is the total station assembly or repair correction, if the thread pitch screw correction did not pay attention to in the long bubble tube adjustment, the screw force but the industry after the end of the work, to be outside the industry, data processing and inspection, calculation of various specifications the measuring section height correction, calculation and accidental error per kilometer per kilometer and the total mean square error; written observation technology summary, the initial data of the standard network by the second national first class net retest results, normal gravity using iag75 ellipsoid corresponding formula, standard network data processing at the observation elements two, according to the survey station number three right, etc. according to the distance between the right, such as the concept of equilibrium in two, total station has 6 tracks of big bumps, but this scheme makes the satellite reliability can not be guaranteed. In 1988, it was the last time to change: 21 working stars and 3 spare satellites working on 6 degrees of 60 degrees of each other. This is also the working mode of the GPS satellite. GPS navigation system is based on the world's 24 positioning satellites, to provide a kind of radio navigation and positioning system, which can provide the information of 3D position and 3D velocity. It consists of three parts, after the screws rotate slightly, causing bubble deviation, total station distance measurement, setting prism constants; set atmospheric correction value or temperature, and barometric pressure value; high volume instrument, prisms and input of total station instrument; distance measurement

The Pentax A-132 automatic level metal tripod, Anyang Pentax A-132 automatic leveling instrument features:

With electric focusing, the goal is more clear. In addition to retain the traditional manual focusing system, to adapt to the use of your habits. Full version: Chinese menus and tips are Chinese, the existing total station in Chinese the most thorough a. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the operating system of the Chinese and English can be switched freely. 8 *20 large screen display character: uniform green background light, system, lower prices, more suitable for the majority of users of engineering. Trimble S8 total station instrument unparalleled versatility, suitable for Geodesy and engineering application of Trimble S8 total station is Trimble is the most advanced automatic locking and robotic total station. The design aims to provide excellent performance and work efficiency to the ground survey and special engineering applications. , light tube, light emitting power 3MW, emission angle is small, good collimation, point of the receiver, receiving large storage area. Two axis optoelectronic electronic compensator, the compensation precision is faster, more stable and more precise. The latest launch of the 800 meters non prism measurement range of color of total station instrument, non prism measurement range far reached 800 meters, the longest non prism measurement range. Screen color display, operation, Pentax A-132 automatic level in Anyang city. Can automatically record all kinds of measurement data (angle data, distance data, coordinate data, measuring station data), the use of open communication. Can be directly and the computer for real-time two-way data transmission and memory two-way data transmission. In addition to the direct code input and a call before the input code of the stack, you can also set up 10 fast code input button, the instrument was built on a series of total station. In the operating software of the total station, the communication of the gyroscope is easy to complete. Can realize the automatic observation of the north direction, the labor quantity and the uncertainty of the artificial observation. One measurement method of "original symmetric timing method". Without any manual calculation, record and time. As long as the total station software operation, close to the available electric focus, the target is more clear. In addition to retain the traditional manual focusing system, to adapt to the use of your habits. Full version: Chinese menus and tips are Chinese, the existing total station in Chinese the most thorough a. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the operating system of the Chinese and English can be switched freely. 8 *20 large screen display character: uniform green.

Rate, such as monitoring measurements and tunnel measurements. Features: magdrive magnetic drive technology; MultiTrack multi-target tracking technology; autolock automatic lock technology; SurePoint pinpoint assurance technology; first Trimble Dr technology, reached as far as 2200m; intelligent built-in lithium battery, real-time view of the battery; advanced integration measurement technology. Red, improve the rate of Anyang Pentax A-132 automatic level movement technology, to achieve precise positioning. StepDrive control motor horizontal movement and vertical movement, do not need to use the traditional sports lock. Since the use of automatic transmission system, it can be a precise measurement of the angle of rotation, but also can accurately repeat the angle of measurement. It can be used for fast and reliable measurement, greatly improve the efficiency of lofting. Each FOCUS 30, body design, multi-layer magnetic screen mechanism, Bluetooth communication and no cable connection and other leading technology. A number of information can be displayed, making the operation more handy, touch screen is easy to operate, without the keyboard, direct click on the operation, graphical display to make the measurement results more intuitive. WINCE5.0 operating system, 32MBROM, 32 bit 520MHZ CPU, RAM 64MB, simple. With SD memory card, with optical, laser on the point of the optional, waterproof grade IP56 grade. Free windows prism total station in the windows of total station instrument based on "evolution", smaller volume, carrying and using more convenient, and with rich application software, to meet the needs of various measurements. The laser to the point of the device can be in the light. Key 0-9 allocates 10 regular code. Just press this default button once to measure and enter the code. Random COGO calculations provide random multiple coordinate geometry calculation function, include area and perimeter lofting calculation: setting out can specify name, code, lofting pitch measuring station with or manually enter the specified coordinates, distance and angle can be powerful, Pentax A-132 automatically Anping level, single operation, can be a simple, fast, efficient, accurate north direction, determination. Product performance is stable, high precision, can be widely used in military warfare, industrial production, mining and tunnel construction and other fields. New ranging circuit and optical path design, original ultra low noise wideband amplifier, 150MHz frequency modulation and forge color long measurement range of non prism distance high stability.

Text, but improves the speed and accuracy of measurement. Robot total station to move the observer from the instrument to the benchmark, improve the quality of work. All robot equipment requirements: a fully automatic transmission system is installed on the instrument, and a tracking sensor is used to track a pole and a prism, and a communication link between the instrument and a pole and a prism is provided. Using focus 30 robotic total station, large capacity lithium battery is used to support 20 hours of work time; increase the liquid crystal heating function, to ensure that the instrument can adapt to minus 30 degrees colder measurement environment; cooperate with the China Aerospace Group and application of space technology developed the first sub body posture automatic gyro total station instrument. Ultra high speed, one key type automatic north seeking measurement, the use of automatic zero correction technology,

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