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Pentax R-200DN camera series total station

Pentax R-200DN camera series total station

    • Pentax R-200DN camera series total station
    • Pentax R-200DN camera series total station
    • Pentax R-200DN camera series total station
  • Pentax R-200DN camera series total station

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: PENTAX
    Model Number: R-200DN camera series

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: 0
    Packaging Details: carton
    Delivery Time: 3-5day
    Payment Terms: L/C T/T
    Supply Ability: 100/per month
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    Detailed Product Description

    Product type: Photo total station

    Product number: 200

    Special note: easy to record the measurement target and capture the features of the image information

    Main features

    * digital camera function: equipped with high resolution digital camera, can be collected near the measurement point map objects

    * image information, image with a point mark, easy to measure the results of the management and review

    * 1.5 inch TFT color LCD monitor and detector

    * data transmission can be used for USB connection port and SD card slot (SD card can be extended to 1G)

    * * - free prism measurement: in addition to a prism, reflective film measurement mode, but also a non - prism ranging function

    * instructions: make visible laser sighting the target faster and easier, convenient to work in the tunnel, the night light environment

    * absolute encoding disc: boot without initialization, restart the angle to remain unchanged

    * digital input keyboard: quick input number, letter and other special characters

    * standard battery: standard cell design with high performance, convenient

    * built in powerful PowerTopolite software

    Function introduction

    Laser pointing function

    Red laser indicator convenient sighting the target due to visible red laser, and can be used for indoor or outdoor (cloudy) places in the observation direction, which is very convenient.

    Laser pairs

    Because of the laser on the spot is visible, and has ten degrees of adjustment, the operation is very simple. Launch vertically down the laser, it is easy to carry out the work.

    In the purchase of the instrument, it can be required to change to an optional optical pair of medium.

    A simple and more convenient operation

    Target made this confusion between: the electronic viewfinder function, can determine the approximate direction of a target in the color LCD screen, so as to improve the operating efficiency. Sighting the target point of the operation becomes very simple and only need roughly sighting telescope target, observe the color LCD image can be.


    Multiple ranging type

    Free ranging from prism to 350 meters, but also with a prism ranging and reflective patch ranging.

    Scalable storage

    In total station instrument of the telescope, and laser ranging part, built-in digital camera of key parts, such as SD memory card slot, USB interface, color LCD display, shooting images of optical components, the volume is compact.

    Wide screen and keyboard

    Equipped with large display and keyboard, green black screen big screen, big characters, image display. Achieve a simple and clear digital, character input operation.

    IP55 grade waterproof and waterproof performance

    Reliable IP55 level dust proof waterproof performance

    With 5 levels of dust, waterproof performance, effectively prevent the accumulation of harmful dust, can eliminate the damage to the liquid by any direction of the damage to the shell.

    Absolute encoder

    The absolute encoder operation is more convenient.

    Because of its absolute code disc, in the boot and no need to turn and instruments ranging perpendicular plate and horizontal dial initialization. In the operation even if the accident shutdown, turn on the observation, it is no longer necessary to find a reference direction.

    New digital camera function is widely used

    R-200DN series camera station integrated 3100000 pixel digital camera, the outer industry can easily choose whether to open the camera, whether to shoot the point. Each measuring point is recorded in the image of the little number, code, the original data and coordinates, to facilitate the management of the industry survey results, check the core.

    The electronic viewfinder can roughly sighting the target and fine-tuning the measurement, greatly slowing

    surveyor eye fatigue, and improve work efficiency.

    Application domain:

    - Construction Engineering Survey

    - public security system

    - ground mark

    - deformation monitoring

    - hydrological monitoring

    - industrial installation

    - Environment Research

    - accident investigation system

    Reliable data exchange tool

    - DL-01

    Information exchange through standard RS-232C data interface. DL-01 software can be used to upload and download data between PENTAX and PC. DL-01 can also be a direct data exchange with other software. It can be run in Windows 95, 982000 and XP, NT environment. Data can be converted to the following format: Pythagoras file, DXF, JS-Info, TDS, SDR, ASCII separated TAB file, -1Z DC, the user can define the format and various other formats.

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