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Pentax R-400 series universal total station

Pentax R-400 series universal total station

    • Pentax R-400 series universal total station
    • Pentax R-400 series universal total station
    • Pentax R-400 series universal total station
  • Pentax R-400 series universal total station

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: PENTAX
    Model Number: R-400 series

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: 0
    Packaging Details: carton
    Delivery Time: 3-5day
    Payment Terms: L/C T/T
    Supply Ability: 100/per month
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    Detailed Product Description

    Product type: Total Station

    Product number: R-400

    Special note: 550 meters from the prism! And load road software module

    Performance features

    - PENTAX optical system: Super multi coated lens, the clear and accurate sighting

    L the operation is simple, powerful non prism measurement function: in addition to having a prism, a reflector plate measurement mode, but also has the reflectorless 550 meters (power type)

    - a SD card slot: true mass storage. Can be convenient and quick to backup data to the SD card, to further ensure the security of data storage

    Digital input keyboard: fast input numbers, letters and other special characters

    Temperature - pressure automatic induction: automatic induction temperature and pressure, and automatic correction, improve the measurement accuracy

    The visible laser sighting the target indicator: make faster and easier, also facilitate the work in the tunnel, the night light environment

    L: adjustable laser on the laser intensity, make the instrument more convenient for erection

    - Three: according to the requirements of the focusing system, freedom of choice in the automatic focusing, electric focusing, manual focusing in three modes

    The absolute encoding dial: boot point without initialization, reboot angle remains unchanged

    The standard battery: standard cell design with high performance, convenient

    - mass storage: memory can store 60000 measurement points (XYZ), users can complete any measuring and inspection tasks effectively

    The built-in powerful PowerTopolite software, and the software module loading path

    Laser pairs

    Laser new technology instead of the optical alignment of the past

    Because of the laser on the spot is visible, and has ten order brightness adjustment, the operation is very simple. In the purchase of the instrument, it can be required to change to an optional optical pair of medium.

    Auto focus

    There are three focus mode, in addition to the auto focus, manual focus, there is electric focusing method can be from the distance to the distance to a slow, high-speed rotation, accurate focus. (electric focusing to the right rotation is close, and the left is a long distance.

    Advanced data exchange system (USB, SD card slot, RS-232C). Through the external SD card slot, the operation can be convenient and quick to back up the data to the SD card, the maximum protection of data storage security. Make data exchange more convenient.

    Mass storage

    There are 60000 measurement points (XYZ), which can be used to handle any measurement and inspection tasks effectively.

    007 series of commands (remote control)

    Suibu point measurement, layout or traverse survey measurement applications, file management, target constant initial settings can simply use the command number recall. From this, there is no complicated menu.

    Absolute encoder

    The absolute coding using dial operation more convenient because of its absolute code disc, in the boot and no need to turn and instruments ranging perpendicular plate and horizontal dial initialization. In the operation even if the accident shutdown, turn on the observation, it is no longer necessary to find a reference direction.

    Laser pointing function

    Red laser indicator convenient sighting the target due to visible red laser, and can be used for indoor or outdoor (cloudy) places in the observation direction, which is very convenient.

    IPX6 grade waterproof performance

    Reliable IPX6 grade waterproof performance

    Can eliminate the direction of the impact of the strong spray water damage, even if the sudden heavy rain instrument will not be flooded.

    A variety of types ranging reflectorless function models do not need to set up a prism also can directly target measurement. (range measurement, please refer to the table of characteristic parameters) near the corners of the structure due to the ray is visible laser for fence gaps can be accurately measured, distance measuring speed also very fast. Moreover, the previous prism and reflection patch ranging is effective. (invitation and distant goal in building

    Upper reflector to be used)

    Large format display graphics and text is very easy to operate

    This machine is equipped with an input key input angle, coordinate value, number, height, code etc.. Especially for the input of the letter of the name is more convenient.

    Centralized data management

    R-400 series total station in the records of the data file to integrate the time and date data, so that the user is very convenient for the history of the document management.

    Random built-in powerful PowerTopoLite software

    R-400 series total station is equipped with full-featured PowerTopolite software, can be installed with a computer, and can be upgraded. To assist the user to complete the difficult task. PowerTopolite software interface friendly, easy to use. PowerTopolite software is powerful, providing customers with an open mode of operation, in order to solve all kinds of measurement

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